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Did a spring on your garage door snap in half? Is something wrong with the strut? Do you know that something is wrong with your garage door, but you arenít sure quite what the issue is? No need to worry - Avondale Garage Doors can help you. We offer repair services that literally cover each and every part of the garage door. Did you know that the garage door actually consists of hundreds of parts, each of which is very important to its overall functioning? Many donít realize how many parts make up their garage door. Our experts do. They have undergone extensive training to be able to repair each facet of the garage door, no matter what type or style of door you might own. When you need garage door repair services, choose the best. Go with Avondale Garage Doors.

We know that it can be hard to find a local repair company you can really rely on. Many companies will try to upsell you because they are really just out to make a buck. You donít have to worry when you make the call to Avondale Garage Doors. Our sole goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work. This means that we offer competitive prices and excellent service. We wonít suggest that a part be replaced if we have the skills to repair it. We donít want you to have to spend more than you have to. We believe in honor, fairness, great service and great results, all at a price that is affordable. So when you need garage door repairs, call Avondale Garage Doors.

Avondale Garage Doors fixes all parts of the garage door. The list of parts we repair include the springs (both torsion and extension), the motor, garage door opener, sensors, lights, hinges, panels and anything else that needs to be fixed. We truly do it all. Simply call Avondale Garage Doors and set up an appointment today, or obtain a price quote for your convenience.

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Avondale Garage Doors provides our greatly esteemed patrons with all of the garage door repair options that they could ever possibly require. Donít waste your time and risk your safety by doing repairs by yourself. Sure, plenty of information and tutorials are available on the Internet, but that doesnít mean that you have the experience or equipment needed to do the job correctly. Reading or watching tutorials does not equate to experience. It is dangerous to work with electricity and the other motorized parts of the garage door. Allow the experts who know what they are doing, and who are certified, to do the job for you. Avondale Garage Doors can handle your repair job. Give us a call today! You will quickly see why our company is renowned for great rates and excellent customer service. We truly value all of our customers. Your satisfaction is our goal!

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